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Real Estate Bank Trust aka Fideicomiso

What is a Real Estate Trust?

A Real Estate Trust is the necessary vehicle for foreign individuals or companies to acquire real estate rights within Mexico's Restricted Zone (beaches and border areas). The Restricted Zone is the strip of land 100km wide along Mexico's borders and 50km wide along the shoreline. The Real Estate Trust allows you unrestricted use of such property for a period of 50 years (which may be extended for additional terms), as well as the right to sell or encumber the property. As the beneficiary of the Trust you retain all the rights to use and enjoy the property. The Bank acts as your Trustee, holding title to the property per your instructions. 

The Bank's Services

1) Legal advice on setting up a Trust, terms of the Trust, and orientation about the different types of Trusts available.

2) Representation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to obtain the necessary Trust permits.

3) Registration of your Trust with the National Registry of Foreign Investments,

4) Filing and presentation of required documentation to relevant authorities.

5) Thorough review of the legal status of the property, including title search and seller's documentation in order to provide additional assurances on the process as a whole.

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