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Pre-Fab Cabins to Go!

Have you seen these Tiny Houses in the market? Beautiful all-inclusive homes that you can buy or build on wheels or a solid foundation? People use them as vacation homes, affordable full-time living units, off-grid or city dwellings, the opportunities are endless.

Well, we at Baja California Real Estate have partnered with a group that is the premier builder in Mexico for what we call Cabins to Go! Our cabins are made with eco-friendly Structural Insulated Panels with a concrete fiber cement board skin and polystyrene foam sandwiched between the skins to create an incredibly high thermal value for all types of climates, thus saving energy on utility bills forever. They are earthquake and hurricane resistant and fire and termite-proof. They come with kitchens and bathrooms and furniture if you choose or you can furnish them yourself and keep the cabin a more personalized creative space.

The process of the build starts in our factory again saving time and energy which saves the consumer money.  The cabin is delivered to your lot once your foundation is prepared. Our construction team can prepare the foundation for you if you are in the coastal region of Baja California, Mexico or you can have a local contractor do it for you.

Imagine the years of fun and pleasure of owning your own vacation cabin, primary home, or Airbnb rental unit. 

Call us today for a personal conversation on how our cabins and homes can improve your lifestyle.

Diane Webster 619-547-6621

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